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Classic Portable Travel Handheld Clean Body Implement Bidet

Used For : Whole Family

Used in : Out Home Bathrooms

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Easy handy bidet personal portable travel bidet brondell spray

This Unique Personal Hygiene System makes cleansing more convenient and effective beyond what toilet paper allows can achieve.
It helps relieve the discomforts caused by hemorrhoids, infections, itching, etc.
It is also a great accessory for mothers with young children and infants.

Travel Bidet allows everyone to be fresh and clean anytime, anywhere!

About the Product


  • Wiping is barbaric! Your bottom begs for salvation. Giraf yourself today.
  • Giraf is the most gentle and pleasant form of personal cleaning, practiced for centuries by other cultures.
  • The patented design effortlessly generates a strong water flow, even for those with limited strength. The neck helps you easily target your water flow - absolutely no guesswork. And It doesn't need batteries to operate.
  • Small and lightweight - just toss the Giraf in your bag when you travel. Free water proof pouch.
  • Giraf is the perfect portable Shattaf when traveling.


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