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Deal of the day: Emergency LED Light

عرض اليوم: كشاف ال اي دي 90 قابل للشحن

Model : 721

Led : 90

Wattage : 6-10W

Voltage : 220V

Free Gift : Mini 10+3LED EMergency

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كشاف كبير ببطارية قابلة للشحن 

الكشاف يتم شحنة لمدة نصف ساعة فقط ويعمل لمدة 5 ساعات ان شاء الله 
الكشاف به 90 لد (لمبة صغيرة ) تعطي اضائة كبيرة جدا 
الكشاف جيد للعمل في الاماكن الواسعة 
قابل للتعليق ومعة كابل الشحن 


Led-721 charge type emergency light automatic commercial lighting

LED Emergency Light
DP LED Emergency Light
The Emergency light is with built-in long-life and maintenance-free rechargeable Lead Acid battery of high capacity as 5400mAh.
The battery has more than 500 times charging and discharging recycle life.
LED is in advantages of energy-saving, high light, long life and high power.
Both high light and dim light for choices.
During charging, please connect cable with hole into AC outlet of Emergency Light, then insert cable of AC plug into AC 90~240V power socket, the charging indicator turns on to show the charging process, which needs about 25 hours. During charging, the emergency light to emergency function will not turn on, after pushing the switch up or down, while you can choose function of flashlight or emergency when power source cut off, or the AC plug is pulled out from power socket. The pull-cord switch is ancillary. It is used to control the emergency light fixed to the wall.
To push the button is to control turning on and turning off.
To push the button into the upper gear, 90 PCS LED of Flashlight function will turn on in strong degree, while, into the down gear, 90 PCS LED of Emergency light function will turn on in weak degree.
When leave the button in the first gear, flashlight can last working for 5 hours after fully charged; When in the second gear, emergency light can last working for 10 hours.
During working, LED will get darker and darker, which means the battery is coming into completely discharging status. At this moment, please stop using to protect the battery. And please charge the emergency light in time. Please dont start charging until the LED is dark entirely, this will cause damage to electrode of battery.
The emergency light should be used and charged frequently. Please charge it for about 15 hours after every 3 months storage. Or the life time of battery will be changed.
Power source and socket should be installed according to safety rules and regulations.
Please dont turns on during charging process, to avoid burning LED bulb or some inner parts.
Please dont shot your eyes with the searchlight, to avoid harm eye-light. Children must be guided by adult to use it properly.
Do keep the searchlight from raining and wet.
The charging process must be far away from any inflammable and explosive materials.
The Emergency light obey National Profession Executing Standard: GB7000.13-1999.
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Quality LED EMERGENCY LIGHT LED-721 for sale


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